Most pain problems can be treated by several forms of therapy. These include medications, physical therapy, nerve blocks, surgery, nerve stimulation, and behavioral forms of therapy such as biofeedback and stress management.

Obviously not every form of treatment is appropriate for every patient condition. The doctor will discuss with you which therapy is best. A nerve block may be indicated for your disorder. The decision to use nerve blocks is made after a history and physical examinations have been conducted. They are done with your consent and only after you have a clear understanding of the procedure.

For a better understanding of nerve blocks and other procedures and therapies that we offer, please click on the Services tab on the website. Here you will see graphical illustrations of many of the procedures that we perform.

The doctors are capable of treating a wide variety of disorders. These include pain from

  • Low back, neck and other musculoskeletal injuries
  • Cancer
  • Shingles
  • Pelvic and abdominal procedures
  • Trauma
  • Scarred nerves
  • Other chronic disorders resulting from recent or chronic conditions

Pain and Well Behaviors

These are some well-known behaviors that affect the overall well being of people.

Pain Behaviors

  • Pain talk, focus and verbal complaints
  • Facial grimacing
  • Moaning, groaning and crying
  • Shifting position, guarded movement, limp
  • Quiet and withdrawn
  • Self-neglect and self-denial
  • Blaming attitude
  • Avoids psychological intervention and groups
  • Catastrophizing

Well Behaviors

  • Takes responsibility for own actions
  • Understands own limits and strengths
  • Sets realistic goals
  • Exercises regularly
  • Practices pain-reducing techniques and pain coping strategies
  • Appropriate assertive behavior
  • Positive attitude
  • Seeks out support through individual counseling, support groups, community, family or religious resources

At Minimally Invasive Spine Care we encourage you to do everything possible to move toward as many well behaviors as possible.

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